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Step-by-step guide to integrating 922 Proxy with ScrapeBox:


1. Open the ScrapeBox application.

2. Select Use Proxy in the Select Harvester and Proxy setting.

3. Click the "Edit" button to start setting up your proxy.

4. Depending on the authentication mode you want to use, enter the proxy authentication information as shown in the following example: User name: password


When you are done, click Save to save the proxy Settings, you can see your proxy in the Select Harvester and Proxies box.

Select all the proxys you entered and click the Modify button. Click the option to mark all proxies as non-SOCK proxies.



If done correctly, you should see the letter N below each entered proxy in the S field of the proxy table.

You can configure the remaining Settings of ScrapeBox as needed. To test if you are using a broker, simply check that the Harvester Status indicates that the broker is enabled.