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Step-by-step guide for integrating 922 Proxy with SENukeTNG:

1. Open the ProjectMaker for ZennoPoster application to create or edit your project.

2. If you create a new project, click the "Record" button. If you already have a project, click the "Open" button. Then click the "Proxy" option.

3. You can see the available proxy settings, click the "Custom Proxy option, once the used proxy option is selected, you can see the radio button.

4. After the preceding steps are complete, you can click "Add Proxy List" to add the proxy to the list.

5. After the list is ready, click the "Add Proxy List" button to continue setting.

6. After completing the above steps, your proxy is ready to use. You can run extra checks by clicking the "Test Proxy" button in the proxy settings.