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Step-by-step guide to integrating 922 Proxy with AIO Bot v2:

Acquisition agent

1. Select the extraction mode of 922proxy API

2. Select any country or a specified country

3. Time can be selected: 1min,10min,30min

4. Select the default protocol format IP mode separator option as required

5. Check the build API link

6. Click the copy link

7. You can also open a link to view the extracted IP address details

Configure the agent on AIO Bot v2

1. To set up a proxy, select the Proxy TAB and click + to add it.

2. Enter a name for your proxy list and check the Enable box.

3. For copping, select Normal Proxies and paste the result list of the proxy endpoints below.

4. For monitoring, you can select the monitoring proxy, using our rotation endpoint. This changes the IP each time.

Use white list IP authentication or username:password.